Sony Changes July 2019 Playstation Plus Games Lineup

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In a very last minute change, Sony has changed the free games offering for Playstation Plus subscribers from the previously announced lineup. Initially, Sony was all set to offer two games for the July 2019 offering the games that were originally set to be free for users were Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Horizon Turbo Chase. Without any prior notice to users, Sony changed the offering mere hours before the games were set to go live on July 1st, 2019.

The new offering is now Detroit Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition, which also comes with the Playstation 4 version of Heavy Rain, and Sony is still offering Horizon Turbo Chase as a part of the monthly games offering. Sony did simultaneously make a post on their blog stating the change at the time the games went live for all Playstation Plus Subscribers which you can view here.

No solid reason was given as to why Sony had rescinded the original offering, but wide speculation is that it is in response to the original Playstation Plus offering for the month of July was very weak for many users. Another theory is that Sony had originally wanted Detroit as part of the July 2019 offering but could not close a deal with the game studio Quantic Dream in time to make the original announcement but had managed to do so at the last possible second.

Whatever the case may be for the change, this can be viewed as a much better month for Plus subscribers as they are now being offered three free games this month instead of the now standard two. Detroit is also a much stronger offering to a wider audience than the original offering of PES.  

Published by Casey Weinmann

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