Sony Delivers With Second State of Play

State of Play

Sony recently released the next video in their short announcement series, State of Play, and they definitely delivered on a few things that fans have been looking forward to. To kick off the short announcement video we saw an extended look into the next expansion for Monster Hunter World titled Iceborne.

In Iceborne, players will see themselves traveling to the new snow covered of Hoarfrost Reach hunting all kinds of new and familiar monsters, giving players the single largest area in the game to date. The trailer finished by revealing a fall release date of September 6th, 2019.

A short look at a new project titled Riverbond followed the new Monster Hunter news. Riverbond is a take on dungeon crawling with friends in which players can play up to four player couch co-op. Riverbond also features character skins from other games such as Shovel Knight, Guacamelee, and Lovers In A Dangerous Space Time just to name a few.

Next in the trailer roll we saw a very short look at a new project titled Predator: Hunting Grounds, an asymmetrical online multiplayer game in which a group of four players play as soldiers hunting down one player who is playing as the infamous Predator. Not much info was given except that we will see the game released some time in 2020.

Next up players got an extended look at a classic Playstation title, Medievil. Players will get to relive this classic Playstation title with graphics and controls completely remade for the current generation of consoles. We will see the remake available this year on October 25th, 2019.

A new unannounced project was also debuted during the video titled Away. In Away, players will take on the roll of a sugar glider and will attempt to venture out and survive nature and all the dangers that come with it. Players can expect everything from natural predators like snakes to entire forest fires where the entire goal of the game is just to survive. No release window was revealed for Away.

Sony announced a new Playstation 4 console with the Days of Play console. The console looks to be a in their slim lineup but features a steel gray design instead of the standard black. We did not see a release date on the new Days of Play console.

Finally, we were treated to an extended trailer for the Final Fantasy 7 remake. In the trailer we were able to get a glimpse of the user interface and saw some memorable scenes from the original game completely updated with current generation graphics. We did not get any more substantial information about the release but more than likely we will see more information coming soon. If you want to watch the State of Play video you can do so here.

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