Sony to Improve Quality of LCD TVs in Order to Surpass OLED Competitors

Sony’s not just looking to advance the quality of their game console in the coming months, it seems, but also the tech on their other products as well.

According to this post on Engadget, the Japanese giant is in the process of making improvements to their TVs in a bid to surpass the visual quality of the relatively new OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) televisions, a cheaper screen alternative with a generally higher resolution. Many companies (such as Samsung and LG) have moved on to producing exclusively OLED TVs and have abandoned LCD entirely for their newer sets, using the cheaper, high-quality OLED to save money and to produce an overall higher-quality product. When Sony’s plans for OLED sets were put on hold, they were forced to play catch-up if they wished to stay at the visual fidelity of newer televisions.

Sony’s answer to bridging the gap between OLED and LCD is the Backlight Master Drive, which, while not sounding too impressive on the surface, is advanced enough to offer a long-term solution to the tech company’s little problem. Using an abundance of high density LED lights (along with some embedded intelligent software,) the prototype LCD sets are able to enhance colors and brightness all around, making characters and scenery stand out the way they should, while also automatically adjusting brightness for changes in lighting and scene. According to the aforementioned article, the writer claims that the images on the new Sony TVs actually ended up looking crisper compared to the OLED counterparts, at least in terms of color and brightness.

It’s an unusual move to put more advanced technology to the side when it comes to new products, but Sony’s ingenuity is sure to keep them in the television game for a while longer if first impressions are anything to go by. Time will tell whether OLED TVs can surpass the potential of LCD in the future, but the inclusion of the Backlight Master Drive means that, for right now at least, LCDs are back on top. I’m interested in seeing what Sony has up its sleeves concerning its other technologies, as this is quite the revolutionary step, and a surefire way to keep them on top of the tech industry.

Published by Sebastian Fisher

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