Sony’s 2016 Tokyo Game Show Conference Abridged

Over the waters in the land of the rising sun, Sony kicked off the Tokyo Game Show with a press conference. Just days after quite a mixed reception from the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim reveal, Sony take to the stage to talk games, with a Japan-centric twist. Below is an abridged list of the most interesting announcements from the hour or so presentation.

Nioh‘Nioh’ Release Date Announced

A hotly anticipated title from Team Ninja more than 10 years in the making, Nioh has been dated for a Feb. 9, 2017 release. Publisher Koei Tecmo told the crowd that the release date is worldwide. Originally meant for the PS3, Nioh will be a PS4 exclusive.

PS4 luna editionNew ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Trailer

Sony must be crossing their fingers in the hope that Final Fantasy XV will grant some reprieve for Japan’s console market. With that aim, the game has been given another trailer. Also, an exclusive “Luna” edition of the PS4 will launch alongside the game upon release, costing 40,000 yen.

Death Stranding‘Death Stranding’ Receives Elaboration

Hideo Kojima took to the stage of the Tokyo Game Show to give some more details on Death Stranding. He told the audience that it would be an open world game, featuring some online elements. The online focus will be cooperation and interconnectedness, rather than competition.

musouKoei Tecmo Announce Crossover Game ‘Musou Stars’

Joining the multitude of other beat ’em up action games from Koei, Musou Stars will feature a whole host of characters from different franchises, such as Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive and Atelier. The gameplay has a very familiar feel, and will probably play similarly to the other ‘warrior’ games from Koei. Musou Stars will be coming exclusively to the PS4 and PS Vita.

nier automata‘Nier: Automata’ Gets Trailer and Release Date

A new trailer for the typically Japanese Nier: Automata was shown on stage. The action RPG from Platinum Games was given the release date of Feb. 23, 2017. It’s not known whether this is a worldwide release, or exclusive to Japan.


If all of the above wasn’t enough, you can watch Sony’s Tokyo Game Show conference in its entirety with this link.

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