Sony unveiled a new Marvel’s Spider-Man gameplay trailer at their E3 press conference. The 8-minute long video showcases the start of a mission where Spider-Man investigates the Demons as they move in on Fisk’s territory. From there it jumps straight into gameplay; demonstrating movement, stealth, and combat.

Marvels Spider-Man isn’t set to release until 2018. However, a lot of new information came to light during the 2017 E3. This version of Peter Parker is a more experienced crime fighter and has been around the block a few times. The title is an open-world game and feature physics based web-slinging and movement. Additionally, character customization is available in the form of multiple costumes. It’s still unclear which of Spider-Man’s iconic outfits will make it into the game.

Although the exact plot has yet to be revealed, Insomniac Games did confirm that both Kingpin and Miles Morals will play a part in the story. The presence of Miles Morales is somewhat telling and does not bode well for Peter Parker. However, all we know for sure is that he is more than just a simple cameo in the upcoming game.