Spiderman webslings himself into Game of Show status.

Growing up like any normal kid I was obsessed with superheroes, my Saturday morning routine consisted of sitting in front of a television watching my favorite wall crawler sling himself around New York City. In a flash the blur of a red and blue crusader would jump from rooftops and outsmart his foes, all the while a certain sharpness of his tongue made him a true joy to take in. As I grew older my tastes in certain media changed, I started to take a liking to the dark and gritty nature that was the 2000’s superhero craze. Masked heroes such as batman began to fill up what little time I had to spend on such ventures. All the while I kept waiting and waiting for a proper Spiderman movie to transition to the big screen, through 6 movies and three different actors, finally the latest installment done justice to one of the most popular media franchises of all time.

Now here we are in 2018 and Sony looks to bring that magic over to its flagship console, the Playstation 4. Not since the Playstation 2’s Spiderman 2 have we had a decent game involving Spiderman. Insomniac Games, backed by Sony Interactive Entertainment seems poised to deliver an action packed adventure that would make even the slightest fan stop for a double-take. Tonight, during Sony’s Playstation showcase at E3 2018, Sony laid it all on the line for us to see.

Out of the main four games Sony brought to E3 this year, Spiderman batted cleanup, and went on last. During the game play segment we see Spidey working with the NYPD to face one of the main villains Electro, which looks and seems like a formidable foe, and we see some awesome fighting sequences with a bunch of thugs. The combat seems like a steady mix between different combos as well as your web slingers. Rhino, Scorpion make a quick appearance before another batch of thugs. The web slinging travel system is put on display while Spidey gives chase to Electro before Vulture whisks him away. Overall the movement in the traveling mechanic looks fluid and tight. Words cant describe the excitement in myself and the E3 audience watching Spiderman fight off against the biggest crop of villains we have seen in a superhero game since the Arkham games. After the villains corner our hero a light appears and Spiderman asks You? Before the camera cuts to the title screen.

All in all this game looks to deliver on everything we have ever wanted in a Spiderman game, and with Sony backing this PS4 exclusive I can say for sure that my palms are sweaty just watching and writing this, I cant imagine when I sit down to play it for the first time.With a packed show that gave us a deep dive into everything Sony was bringing to us in the next year or so, to me, while Ghost of Tsushima stole the show with its impressive art style, Spidey came ahead the clear leader.

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Published by Shawn Case

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