Spiritfarer Gives a Charming Perspective on Dying and Letting Go

Thunder Lotus Games describes their upcoming game as “a cozy management game about dying.” In Spiritfarer, you will play as Stella the ferry master of spirits and she is joined by her friendly little cat named Daffodil.


You will create and manage your ferry to explore the seas and come across spirits that need your hospitality and friendship. Care for them on your ferry until you can send them into the afterlife. Goodbyes are not easy, but it is inevitable.

As Stella, you can harvest fresh vegetables, fish from your boat, cook, and craft items for your ferry or gifts for your spirit guests. Also, this adventure platformer will let you explore new lands where you can gather whatever materials you need. Customizations are going to be available for Daffodil, the ferry, and Stella.

Spiritfarer is meant to be a low-stress game that deals with death and letting go. It is filled with stories that are deep and full of emotion. However, the adorable hand-drawn art gives the game a calm and cozy feel. The announcement trailer has plenty of heartwarming scenes that are beautifully presented. It also showcases the innocence and charm of the story quite well.

This is a single-player game that can be played in local co-op. One player would be Stella while the other person plays as Daffodil. In total, the game takes about 30 hours to complete so there is plenty of time to relax and explore.

Spiritfarer will be available in 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Published by Saniya Ahmed

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