The 10th Splatfest in North American Going on Right Now, Japan Comes Next Week


Nintendo’s 10th Splatfest is here and the question for you to ink people is interesting to say the least; would you rather travel to the past or travel to the future? I’m guessing given this age of technology and all, people would rather travel to the future than risk getting eaten by dinosaurs, but I guess we’ll see when the Splatfest is over, huh? Splatfest will run for the entire day.

As for Japan, next week they’ll be fighting over a different topic, and I’m actually pretty curious about this one, as it will ask players if they would prefer a perfect body over a perfect mind.


After all, shouldn’t we have unity in mind and body? But maybe if you’re smart enough, you can just invent a way to get your ideal body? Yeah, maybe I’m thinking about this too hard. This 10th iteration of Splatfest will run on January 23 at 12pm JST and will last the duration of the day.