Star Ocean 5 To Undergo Censorship In Japan and the West

Continuing the trend of censorship that seems to be permeating the video game industry at the moment, Square Enix’s Star Ocean 5 is the latest title to be brought into question. An interview with 4Gamer revealed that the prominence of censorship debates led to the decision to alter the clothing of Fiore, a prominent character in Star Ocean 5.

“Recently there’s been a trend in games where if you put out a character that shows a lot of skin, later on you might have to make a lot of revisions, ‘although she’s erotic, there’s not a lot of skin showing’ is the feeling you get. In fact, it got a rating of C by CERO.”

“Recently, there’s been a lot of flak from overseas countries saying that if you put teens in ‘sexual’ underwear it’s not good, so we increased the amount of clothing.”

This marks a rather unique event in which Western perception has altered the release of a Japanese title. Japanese fans have not taken too kindly to this outcome, and perhaps reasonably so. Cultural perceptions on any given matter will vary wildly, so to censor a Japanese game by Western perceptions seems like an odd choice. The change is not a major one, and the game will still play out in an identical manner, so the censorship is not a significant issue in and of itself, but the cultural dissonance that led to the decision is certainly worth reflecting upon.

Star Ocean 5: integrity and Faithlessness is set to launch on March 31st in Japan, with a Western release scheduled for summer this year. Perhaps this change was made to streamline the localization process, but larger changes have been made in similar timeframes.

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42 thoughts on “Star Ocean 5 To Undergo Censorship In Japan and the West

  1. I don’t know why they feel the need to do that. Even though the edit is minor and won’t really effect the game, they shouldn’t be censoring it out of fear. The only people who criticize revealing outfits are those fools who call themselves the SJW, a hypocritical group of people who don’t even play games and have no actual impact on companies!

    1. I really wish they’d stop listening to morons who don’t buy games anyway. It’s just hurting the real fan base.

      I’m not a huge fan of fan service and this pre-censor is not even strong enough to be called that. But! I do strongly love for a game to be inhibited and use more real language. If the lil sweet girl is kidnapped do you really all say ‘darn it’. And bawdy jokes please!

      You can’t censor these things in real life why steal game immersion with these stupid things. (Thinking of a litany of other games I have that were censored and stupidly. However, still great games and enjoyed them thoroughly but feel like a moronic sharpie was taken to places of it.)

      And it’s embarrassing to admit but if a part comes up in a game that’s excessive to me… I cover my dang eyes! Easy peasy!

      1. It is a real pain when things like this happen, considering how minor the edit is. I mean I got the game and it kicks ass (ignore the reviewers bashing it) but you can’t even notice the edit unless you go out of the way to do so. Obviously the edit isn’t hurting the game but it’s still silly.

        I believe in equality fan-service. I don’t care how oversexualized fictional characters are, I expect my male characters to be tall/beefy/handsome as I do attractive female characters. It’s not really anything that bugs me, it’s just expected at this point. Oh, like cursing? I’m pretty sure a lot of games have uncensored cursing (depending on the game).

        I can’t really think of anything from a game that I consider excessive or disturbing, I don’t think anything fazes me anymore.

        Is your profile pic supposed to be a Ryuko cosplay?

    2. It’s stupid to say SJWs don’t play games, because it’s clearly false. People of all different ideologies play video games. If you honestly believe people that like these changes don’t play games then you are purposefully blinding yourself.

      1. It’s not stupid because it’s true, I’m just being blunt and speaking a simple fact. The only one here who is blind would be your for deluding yourself and defending those fools that ruin games and give good people of the game community a bad name.

        They are sexist, hypocritical bullies who have no impact on the gaming industry aside from harassing people. It doesn’t matter if you want to lie to yourself, insulting me and deluding yourself won’t change the simple fact that they don’t even play games. They just look at a fictional character they don’t like and bitch about it, and have destroyed the meaning of actual feminism.

        1. That’s the thing, buddy. It’s not true. And you look like a complete dumbass for saying it’s true. I know plenty of people that would be called “SJWs” by dumb pricks like you and playing video games is their favorite hobby. You’d probably call ME a SJW and here I am, a gamer.

          Sorry, you can disagree with them all you like but you’re a fucking moron if you think “HURRHURR THEY DON’T EVEN PLAY GAMES!!!” like a fucking idiot.

          1. About what I expected, all you do is delude around the facts and spend only time thinking of sad insults instead of facing facts or acting your age. The fact you can only waste time thinking of insults instead of focusing on the matter at hand really shows what little you know and how much of an arrogant hypocrite you are.

            I see logic and reasoning go right over your head. If you have that much time on your hands to struggle thinking of insults maybe you should try looking at the world around you and stop lying to yourself. I could care less if you are a gamer or not (though it’s pathetic to see you try hard to convince otherwise) but the fact you delude yourself and defend the psychos who are ruining the gaming community shows what an idiot you are and how much of a biased viewpoint you must have.

            SJW’s aren’t gamers, they are sexist bullies and hypocrites who took the original meaning of feminism and beat it to death because they are insecure fools who find fictional characters that are attractive offensive.

            I couldn’t care less if you are a gamer, but sadly you have the same biased, narrow minded viewpoint that they share so literally everything you say is invalid. You need to get that stick out of your ass and your head out of the clouds.

          2. Just a minor heads up – the comments here will remain for the record, but there are certainly much more viable options to go about this discussion that don’t devolve into name calling. Thanks for discussing this with interest, though.

          3. And who are you? Your comment really doesn’t make any sense nor has any impact on what happened.

            Well tell that to the kid who pestered me and literally did nothing but insult me. I’m the only reasonable one here.

          4. I see, now that I’m on the desktop I can see your status as “Staff”. No need to apologize, now that you’ve explained yourself the situation is cleared up.

          5. I was about to ask whether or not that badge failed to appear. And look at that, didn’t even know the badge doesn’t appear on mobile. Learning new things, every day. 😛

          6. While the feminist’s Modus Operandi of seeing a sexy female character in a video game and throwing accusations that the developers are further perpetuating sexism in an attempt to censor the game to fit their misguided agenda of social justice is in fact common knowledge, I have to say that I’ve personally met SJWs that play games.

            You can’t judge an entire group of people like that and not expect someone to get upset over it. (Even if what you’re saying might as well be true.)

            But what do I know? It’s not like I ended up on the front page of Feminist Frequency after tilting Anita Sarkeesian before. Oh wait…

          7. Actually we can judge them entirely because they are all troublemakers. All of them are biased bullies who harass and insult the good people of the gaming community. I know a lot try to pass off as gamers but if they really were, they wouldn’t be making a giant fuss over a few fictional characters and would learn to enjoy a game the way it is. They are a sexist, hypocritical minority (a very vocal one) that do nothing but cause trouble and spread ignorance.

            I’ve never heard of you before so your last comment really makes no sense to me.

          8. I find it hilarious you talk about logic but you proudly state that “everyone with X ideologies aren’t gamer” and fully believe it. I’m sorry you lack the ability to comprehend the truth. It’s pathetic and I hope you recover from that.

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          19. I really pity you, that there is someone out there who is that pathetic and ignorant to the world around them. To think someone as hilariously retarded as you exists in the world.

            Feminazis like you are so entertaining, your salty replies and fear of facts and intelligent people is quite hilarious.

          20. I already tried, but your high opinion of yourself and arrogance prevents you from using your brain for basic thought and reasoning.

            You finally said something right for once though, because everything else you say is pure shit.

          21. Wait, why are you saying that to me and not him? He literally flamed me first.

  2. Seems rather pointless to me. I see far more sexual appearances than the pre-censored picture when I pick go back to visit my old high school. Why censor art to display less than we see on a daily basis?

  3. That’s a shame, I was going to buy this. I refuse to support censorship in any way.

    1. The unfortunate problem with that is if they see sales drop they just assume we don’t want games and they stop coming over here.

      There has to be better ways to say “stop fucking censoring art that is game and story!”

  4. That’s not Fiore, that’s Miki, get your names right. Honestly, that barely counts as Censorship as far I’m concerned, Miki’s clothing is long enough that unless you’re intentionally being a lech you’ll never actually see her under garments.

    1. That’s the problem. You should see them even when not trying. That’s the point of mini skirts.

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