Star Wars Actor Oscar Isaac Fired from Dante’s Inferno Game


Interesting piece to slide across the desk. For anyone who has been living under a rock (and it’s had to have been an insanely big rock!) Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens releases in theaters worldwide this week. The hype is insane, from word of mouth to mascara. Disney is really trying to get their name out there, and it’s getting to some people, that’s for sure. But here in the gaming world, we have one of the leading actors of Episode VII, Oscar Isaac, in the spotlight. Oscar Isaac is getting some non-Star Wars attention for comments he made about being fired from the video game version of Dante’s Inferno by Electronic Arts.

According to a report from Destructoid, Isaac was fired from that project for unknown reasons. Before his role in the space opera, he was set to play a role in the book-turned-video game, and the concrete information that we had on it was that, according to Isaac, the game was “shitty.” While Isaac isn’t against voice acting, these comments put the soon to be famous actor in a bit of a weird spotlight in the video gaming community. Even though he voiced lines in Disney Infinity as Poe Dameron, people have sought to bash the Guatemalan on social media claiming that he sounded entitled since he landed the role in The Force Awakens. 

My question is, had he not been a part of the new Star Wars film, would his opinion of the game still be the same? People tend to get quite ahead of themselves on social media, and maybe this is all being blown out of proportion with the new film coming out this week. We here at Gamer Professionals wish him and the crew for the film the best on the movie release, though. It’s looking to be a real stunner.