Star Wars: Battlefront II is the Highlight of EA’s Conference


The long awaited reveal of Star Wars: Battlefront II has finally made itself known.

EA has confirmed that Battlefront II will be shipping with a full single-player story mode, something that was severely lacking from the previous iteration. In addition, EA has stated that the game contains three times the content, featuring all Star Wars eras to play through in the multiplayer.

Some of the most exciting features announced are the new vehicles and space battles. Weapons look better modelled and DICE’s trademark sound effects are in full swing. I look forward to gunning down some Rebel scum! Players will be able to customise their loadouts as in the first game but it appears that the system has been improved and expanded considerably, allowing players to better specialise for anti-infantry or anti-tank roles.

Multiplayer matches have also been split up into phases, meaning that the maps will organically evolve throughout the combat, rather than being fully open from the offset. This allows for a compromise between gamers who want close-quarters fighting as well as the more open maps that DICE are best known for.

From game play that has been revealed at EA PLAY the level of detail in the battles has been ramped up to eleven. Explosions and blaster fire feels heavy and loud and animations look solid and fluid. In short, Battlefront II looks like everything Battlefront I should have been: Battlefield I with lightsabers.

Heroes will be returning as well, with a larger roster to choose from which will add more variety to battles. In addition, players will be able to play as upgraded soldiers and special troopers if they are able to earn enough power points. Super Droids, Commandos? I am certainly intrigued.

To top it off Finn and Captain Phasma have been announced as DLC characters, free for every owner of the game. The title will not be featuring a season pass, which is about a big a departure from the script that EA could possibly take and perhaps a sign that EA is bowing to consumer pressure to include more value in their games.

A beta for the title will be dropping in Fall 2017.