Star Wars Battlefront Sold 12 Million Copies, Unfortunately

It seems that the Star Wars brand name alone is enough to bring even the most mediocre of things to insane popularity.

Despite the sheer mediocrity of the title in question, EA’s Star Wars Battlefront has sold a ludicrous amount of copies within the past two months, with this article from Fortune putting the total number of games sold at approximately the 12 million mark. While not quite the amount of sales made by the stellar Fallout 4 and the ever-popular Call of Duty, it’s still an incredible shame for 12 million people to have bought something so boring and shallow while stellar titles like Bloodborne struggle to get their sales numbers past the 2 million mark. I love Star Wars as much as the next guy, trust me, but for such a disgusting example of corporate greed to duodecuple (that means twelve times over, people) the sales of something as spectacular as Undertale is despicable.

Most people on the Internet don’t really even seem to be defending the game, but it still sold like hotcakes simply because it was Star Wars. EA knew they could get away with selling a shallow title because they had one of the most popular brand names in the world on their side, they knew people would eat another Battlefront game up and they took every opportunity they could to squeeze as much money out of those desperate fans as possible in a bitter attempt to capitalize on brand loyalty. There is the small consolation of free DLC being added in small increments as a form of damage control for those who feel the game doesn’t have enough content for it’s $60 price tag, but it isn’t enough to overshadow the abysmal fifty dollar Season Pass, the full details of which still haven’t been released to the public. I don’t want to get off track about why the overpriced Season Pass trend is disgusting (at least the way the AAA industry uses it) but at least take into account that the other AAA title that offered up a $50 Season Pass, Batman: Arkham Knight, ended up being the most pitiful collection of DLC released in years. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a company as shady as EA to do any better.

Still, my main point here is that the masses shouldn’t be gobbling this up in such ridiculous amounts. Mainstream gamers, or at least those who only play the newest FPS or AAA titles, may function as a money-spewing eldritch hive mind, but they should at least have better standards than Star Wars Battlefront, for chrissakes. It doesn’t matter what kind of gamer you are, you shouldn’t be settling for poor quality and overpriced additional content, you should be going down kicking and screaming in your demands for quality. The games industry as a whole is getting worse because companies are focusing on the placid mainstreamers, those who will spend money on anything as long as it looks shiny and is backed up by a well-known publisher. Companies are focused not on the fun that can be drawn out of games, but instead on what they can do to suck more money out of the wallets of the mediocrity-accepting masses, favoring cosmetic DLC and pricey Season Passes instead of worthwhile expansions on top of a solid game foundation.

Speak with your wallets for this new year, and just…stop buying Battlefront, alright?

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