Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Has a Release Window

The release window for the next Star Wars Battlefront has been officially announced, with EA having plans for holiday 2017. EA shed some light on the upcoming game during its third-quarter earning call with investors.

The next installment of Battlefront will feature more characters and locations, as well as take place across multiple eras in the Star Wars universe. Being officially announced back in May 2016, fans have been speculating on what a sequel to the popular franchise shooter will entail. During E3, it was confirmed that EA Motive were also working on the game in addition to DICE and Criterion.

One of the biggest criticisms of Battlefront was its lack of a single player campaign, though EA has confirmed that there will indeed be one in the sequel. Whether it’s the speculated multiple vignette format of Battlefield 1 has yet to be determined. EA and DICE are surely working hard to improve the series.

Though the title of the game has yet to be officially announced, EA has been referring to it as “the next Battlefront” rather than “Star Wars Battlefront 2”, which points to the possible absence of a number in the title.

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Published by Ben Eberle - Senior Editor

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