Star Wars Battlefront will not Feature any DLC Content from ‘The Force Awakens’

As we all know, Star Wars Battlefront offered a controversial $50 season pass at launch, on top of its $60 retail price.  However, the future of the game is still largely a mystery.  It has been confirmed that the first DLC season pass will include more than 20 pieces of armor and/or weapons, four new playable heroes and villains, four new game types, and 16 new maps.  The Battle of Jakku DLC was released on December 8, and gave fans the impression that this would lead up to content from the new film.

 In a recent Twitter post, Electronic Arts confirmed that there will be no Force Awakens DLC content in Star Wars Battlefront.  This is a huge letdown, since many fans have been speculating and banking on exciting content from the new film.  It only makes sense.

Since its launch in November, Star Wars Battlefront has been heavily criticized due to its lack of content and high season pass price tag.  The general consensus is that the game feels incomplete and that “the rest of it” is locked behind paid DLC content — a growing trend in modern gaming.  EA and DICE’s decision to exclude The Force Awakens content from the game is a poor one, especially considering the extreme popularity of the film and the large demand of content from fans.  This will only continue to hurt DLC sales for EA and DICE.  

Published by Ben Eberle - Senior Editor

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