Starbound To Be Released From Early Acess


Chucklefish, the creators of the indie game Starbound, have announced they are preparing to update the game to version 1.0. This will bring an end to the lengthy early access it has experienced on Steam. In the blog post, the developer’s reassured players there will be continued updates for the game in the future, and they will now shift focus from the game engine towards more content creation and expansion.

A major feature of this update is the complete Starbound story arc, which was notably incomplete during early access. You play as a Protector in training for an organization called the Terrene Protectorate. It was formed on Earth by humanity to guide the universe towards peace. The story starts on your graduation day on earth and flings you out into the stars through eight instanced missions. The story is not meant to hinder players in any way from the sandbox gameplay, but instead provide context. Players need to explore to find clues to unlock the missions, which can be done in any order, and with a variety of different approaches.


Some other features in the update are improved planet generation, new crafting progression and new generated quests. The developers also hope to use Steam to make an easier multiplayer experience with Steam Invites to enable friends to drop-in to others games. Additionally, they intend to use Steam Workshop to support mod sharing as well.

As of yet, there is no release date for the game. For a full run down of all the changes, take a look at the blog post.

Published by Marek Fewtrell - Associate Writer

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