Stardew Valley multiplayer is in the works

stardew valley multiplayer

Eric Barone, the developer of Stardew Valley, announced on his Twitter that new content is ready and he is now focusing on Stardew Valley multiplayer.

stardew valley multiplayer
Stardew Valley Multiplayer

Barone had released information about multiplayer in mid-2017 and was suspected to have a beta a few months after, although there is still no confirmed date for a beta or the official release yet. A post on Stardew Valley‘s official website gives details on what exactly will change with multiplayer.

Players will not need to host a server, but instead invite friends through Steam and send invites in a similar manner on consoles. Some activites that players can expect are growing crops and building cabins with friends, and getting the opportunity to marry an NPC.

The post explained that multiplayer is expected to be online without “local multiplayer, split-screen and PVP”. However, Barone’s image of the LAN party and his experience reveal the possibility of local multiplayer: “Being in the same room and yelling at each other about what to do next, or if anyone has any stone, is great fun.”

He also posted an image showing a 4-player LAN game session at his home. This may be implemented in the near future, as he mentions that “it still needs some work, but the underlying network code is solid.”

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