Stardew Valley Sells One Million Copies Two Months After Release

Publisher Chucklefish Games confirmed on last Wednesday that Stardew Valley had sold one million copies – 1,007,000 to be precise.

Two months after its release, Stardew Valley has not only sold a million copies, but it also stands seventh on Steam’s Top Sellers list, among games such as Dark Souls III, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Chucklefish Games has expressed its excitement for the milestone they have earned; however, Eric Barone (A.K.A. ConcernedApe), the game’s only developer has not commented on the matter.

Eric Barone has remained as the only updater, patcher, and developer. He has since added new content such as characters, events and secrets.  This proves how one man’s dedication can have the best of outcomes. Stardew Valley’s success has culminated in Barone speaking with more developers in order to bring the game to consoles and mobile media; although no specific platforms have been mentioned, it is very likely to happen.

The game can be bought through Steam for $14.99.

Published by Ricardo Fajardo

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