Stardew Valley Switch Release Date, Icon, and File Size Revealed

Stardew Valley, easily one of the most outstanding games from last year, made its debut in February 2016 to gamers eager to emulate a simpler life. The game brought together the joys of farming and relationship building seen in game series like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, and added extra layers of complexity by including mining, combat, and crafting. Concerned Ape, developer of Stardew Valley, has been in talks with Nintendo for quite a while to bring the game to the Switch, and it looks like players will finally be able to play the game on Nintendo’s newest console. Quite a bit sooner than you might think, actually.

Revealed on Stardew Valley‘s website, Eric Barone informed players that they will be able to download and play the game on Switch this Thursday, October 5th. Anyone [lucky enough to be] in possession of a Switch will be able to download the game digitally for $14.99 (£10.99). When asked on Twitter about the possibility of a physical release of the game, Eric speficied that “It will be eShop only for now”. Eric also extends a shout-out to Sickhead Games who spearheaded the port of the game to Switch, and Chucklefish (Stardew Valley’s publisher) for the logistical support with bring the game to the Switch.

Stardew Valley Switch

“I’m very happy to see Stardew come to a Nintendo console… I grew up on Nintendo, after all! This will not only be the first time Stardew Valley appears on a Nintendo platform, but also the first time Stardew will be on a portable system.” – Eric Barone – Sole Developer and Programmer at Concerned Ape

Alongside this new, NeoGaf user Vanillalite posted his discovery of the Switch’s icon for Stardew Valley as well as its download size (both seen below). The icon is reminiscent of the title screen in the game and might easily fill fans with nostalgia. Downloading the game does not appear to be too cumbersome, taking up only 880 MB of space on the Switch’s SD card.

Stardew Valley Switch
File size for Stardew Valley on the Switch, which comes in at just below 900 MB.
Stardew Valley Switch
Icon for ‘Stardew Valley’ on the Switch.









Stardew Valley was a very strong contender for ‘Game of the Year’ last year, and was personally my number two pick. It is a game we can easily recommend picking up. Now that it’s on the Switch, and only $14.99, what better time is there to grab it?


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