Steam’s Top 100 Best Selling Games of 2016


2016 was, undoubtedly, a memorable year for video game releases. Whether you felt there was a wealth of quality releases, or that 2016 felt a little lackluster, there was certainly a lot to talk about. Valve’s PC Gaming Client, Steam, has compiled a list highlighting their Top Selling games from 2016. The games are ranked based on the revenues produced by each title. The games on the list that are Free-to-Play are included on this list thanks to money players have spent in-game, and shows an interesting contrast when compared to games who gained revenue from initial purchase. Since Steam is such a common gaming platform (if not the most common one itself), it is a great indication of what games players took interest in – industry-wide.

The list is divided up into four different categories and includes a total 99 games and one piece of hardware – the Steam controller. The games in the Platinum category are the highest grossing games on Steam during 2016. Games in the Gold, Silver, and Bronze categories organizing the remaining games based on the money they brought in. The game’s placement in the category is random, and in not reflective of the title in the top-left corner being the highest grossing game in that group.

Top Selling Steam Games (In No Particular Order).
Top Selling Steam Games (In No Particular Order).

Staem Top 100 List - Gold Category

Steam Top 100 List - Silver CategoryThe remaining games in the Bronze Category can be seen by following this link. Some of the most notable titles (in the Bronze Category) include: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainFirewatchMafia IIIUndertaleDishonored 2Hitman (Episodic), and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The Steam Controller is also listed in the Bronze Category thanks to their substantial number of sales.

The majority of the games on Steam’s Top 100 List have been discounted, so make sure and grab any of the games you have yet to pick up!