Steep’s Switch port cancellation shatters hope of Assassin’s Creed on the go

Steep is one of my favourite Ubisoft games made in recent memory. It is a huge open world game, (aren’t they all), yet without any enemies to kill and lack of revenge story thrown on top, it felt fresh and unique. Oh and let’s not forget the focus on extreme winter sports! Yes, it was a good game, which is why I’m kinda bummed that Nintendo Switch port of the game has been cancelled.

Not exactly a shock as Ubisoft has said nothing about the Switch port since its initial announcement during the Switch reveal event back in 2017. Yet it’s still sad news. Not only for those of us interested in snowboarding down a mountain while on the bus to work, but also for all Switch players who hoped for third party AAA open world games on Switch.

Steep, though a cool game, is not exactly anything too impressive. It’s open world is miniscule compared to other Ubisoft titles, and the graphics aren’t anything to write home about. Yet, still Ubisoft were not able to get the game on the Switch despite working on it for a year.

Ubisoft is not the only company that has issues porting a game to the Switch. Bandai Namco also seem to have some serious trouble with their port of Dark Souls Remastered which was planned to release on Switch simultaneously with the other other platforms back in May, but has since been delayed to Summer this year, and still the game is still no where to be seen. 

If anything this proves that Switch is a hard platform to port games to, especially if they were originally designed for current gen hardware. This could be one of the reasons why Switch logo was so rarely shown at this years’ E3. 

In these times where most AAA games are either open world, or very graphically intense, the Switch finds itself in quite a bad spot. Though some bigger companies really do believe in Switch, and try to get as much of their games on the platform as possible, it is clear from the selection of games that appear on the Switch (or lack thereof) that Nintendo are struggling to get support. Bethesda is trying the hardest of all companies putting things like Wolfenstein II and soon Doom Eternal on the Nintendo platform, yet both of these games are much smaller in scale than something like Fallout 76 which (as far as we know) is skipping the Switch.

Ubisoft also tries their best to support the Switch. They have quite a few Switch ports published, and they have few more games coming to the platform soon. Many people hoped for Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry to come to the Switch, but is it really possible now? If they cannot put relatively smaller title such as Steep on to the Switch is there even a chance of putting anything in scale of Assassins Creed on the hybrid platform? It really doesn’t seem that likely now.