Street Fighter V CG Trailer Hits Home

A new, fully CG animated trailer has surfaced for the upcoming Street Fighter V, showing off all 16 playable characters. The incredibly flashy, energetic trailer gives each character some time in the spotlight, with a particular emphasis on series mainstays M. Bison and Ryu. Backed by a pulsing electric guitar and driving drum beat, the trailer serves as an introduction to the story, establishing core rivalries and character dynamics.

We’ve covered Street Fighter V quite thoroughly in the lead up to its launch. The new story focus, gameplay mechanics and unique approach to DLC are proving to be rather noteworthy additions to this long-running franchise. A slew of post-launch plans, including additional characters, a cinematic story expansion and new costumes will serve to extend the longevity of the title, as CAPCOM has no plans to release a standalone expansion this time around.

Street Fighter V is set to launch on February 16 for both PlayStation 4 and Windows. The final beta test period recently came to a close, with generally positive reception.

Published by Michael Spiteri

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