Street Fighter V Game Modes Detailed


In a demonstration at the Taipei Game Show, CAPCOM unveiled a brand new trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter V. This new trailer focuses on the available game modes, giving a brief description of the six options available at launch. Alongside the previously detailed character story mode and online play, Street Fighter V also includes a robust Tutorial Mode, charging the player with guiding a young Ryu through his training. This is accompanied by a freeform Training Mode, which allows the player the freedom to practice moves and combos to their hearts content. It also includes a range of customizable shortcuts, to provide a simple, easy to use training experience.

If you want to test your skills offline, Survival Mode is your best option. This mode tasks the player with completing a string of fights with a range of additional restrictions to further test their skills. For online players, the CAPCOM Fighters Network is an invaluable source of information. This tool tracks vital stats and allows players to watch replays to study their opponents. It also allows players to connect, and tracks both friends and rivals.

CAPCOM is promising a vast range of additional content, including game modes in the post-launch period. Every piece of additional content will be available completely free of charge, though certain content can be purchased with real money to expedite the unlock process. Street Fighter V is currently available to play in beta form for those with pre-orders, until the 31st of January. The full title will release for PS4 and PC on February 16.