Street Fighter V Gears Up for Launch


At long last, CAPCOM has revealed the launch window for the much anticipated Street Fighter V, as well as detailing some post-launch plans. The title will launch in both North America and Europe on February 16 next year, for both PS4 and PC.

In a simultaneous announcement, CAPCOM confirmed Dhalsim as another of the 16 playable fighters at launch, leaving one slot open. Over the course of 2016, an additional six characters will be made available, culminating in a total roster of 22 characters. Additional content and updates will also be rolled out as appropriate, including new costumes, challenges and gameplay patches and balancing.

All additional content will be made available in two ways: through the use of real money micro-transactions, or by using currency earned in-game. “Fight Money” is the in-game currency, earned by participating in matches and completing daily challenges. Gameplay patches and updates will be made available to all players simultaneously, free of charge.

Source: Gematsu