Street Fighter V Post-Launch Character Alex Released


Earlier today, Street Fighter brought out a new fighter, one of the fighters promised to be released after the game had launched earlier this year. That new fighter is Alex. Alex made his debut back in 1997 as a fan favorite for Street Fighter III, and has now made his way back to PC and PS4 for Street Fighter V. Alex is usable on a trial period, until the new premium shop, the Zenny shop, launches. From that point on, when a new character is released, the previous character on trial will rotate out and switch with the new character.

Furthermore, the new feature, the In-game Shop, launched as well. This feature allows players to spend fight money on costumes and extra content. Speaking of costumes, Capcom has given players access to the story mode outfits for Chun-Li and Ryu, as a way to apologize for their lack of polish at launch. The two costumes hold an 80,000 currency value in-game.

In the meantime, check out Alex in his launch trailer, below.