Street Fighter V Reveals Ed as a New DLC Character


Capcom has officially revealed that their next DLC character will be Ed. He will join Street Fighter V’s roster for season 2, though a specific date has yet to be announced. In their official announcement, Capcom has stated that Ed and all previously released characters will be playable for beta participants, which runs from May 11th to the 14th.

Ed’s story involves Balrog, who served as his guardian and protector at a young age. Captured by S.I.N. at a young age, Ed was experimented on in order to become a replacement body for M. Bison. As a result, his body ages faster than normal human beings in order to be battle-ready sooner. His fighting style centers around boxing since he carries M. Bison’s genes, and his skills are also enhanced by Psycho Power.

Capcom will have more information about Ed within the next two weeks. The season 2 character pass for Street Fighter V is available for $29.99 which grants access to Ed, Akuma, and Kolin.