Street Fighter V Update Introduces Alex

The first major update for Street Fighter V is on the way, and new details courtesy of the official CAPCOM blog have shed some light on the included content. First and foremost is the inclusion of Alex as a playable character. From his debut in Street Fighter III, Alex has proven to be a popular, if underutilized character in the Street Fighter stable.

Street Fighter V sees Alex undergo a vital update, emphasizing a focus on command grabs and spacing control. The new additions of V-Skills and V-Triggers bring devastating new options to the table, allowing for a one-time damage buff, or a brutal, guard-breaking hit respectively. Finally, his new Critical Art can be used to unleash a world of hurt, with Alex grappling his foe then bringing them crashing down to earth with blinding speed and power.


A slew of tweaks and balance updates accompany Alex in the upcoming update, introducing some much-desired features. In addition to an enhanced, incredibly thorough tutorial system, including combo lessons for every playable character, new and refined online play options will be introduced. 8-player lobbies will allow for player spectating and communication, and the new rematch options allow for sweet revenge, encouraging that fighting spirit.

This major update is sent to launch later this month, completely free of charge. Additional characters, such as Alex, can be purchased using in-game ‘Fight Money,’ or through a real money transaction to expedite the process. For further details on the included tweaks and fixes, head on over to the official CAPCOM blog post.

Published by Michael Spiteri

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