Super Chill Game ‘Donut County’ Coming to PS4

Intriguing puzzle game 'Donut County' is announced for PS4.


Donut County is a physics-based puzzler where the player occupies the role of an apparently bottomless hole in the ground. Ben Esposito is the creative mind leading the development of Donut County, and has worked on notable projects such as What Remains of Edith Finch and The Unfinished Swan. In his musings on the Playstation Blog, Esposito recollects that the game began as a joke – a joke inspired at least partially by the ambitious idlings of renowned game designer Peter Molyneux, who is recognized commonly for his obtuse design theories. It is not difficult to see how some of those theories might have inspired a game like Donut County, in which Esposito states his intention was to make a game where the player controlled “Nothing. Well, the absence of something. Okay, a hole in the ground.”

Donut County draws comparisons to other physics-based puzzle games, such as the Katamari series and even Hohokum, with its abstract concept. Esposito mentions that the game is less about holes, and more about the items that fall into them – he also explains that items don’t just disappear upon entering the holes. As witnessed in the trailer, sucking a fire into the void will result in the hole catching fire. Subsequently, pulling corn into the now flaming hole will yield a barrage of popcorn. Exploring these environments and the stories told within them is a crucial part to experiencing Donut County.

Donut County is slated for release on PS4, PC, and iOS sometime in 2018.