Super Mario Maker Key Update Unlocks Additional Features


A brief video detailing the upcoming Super Mario Maker update has been released via YouTube. The focus of this update is on keys and locked doors, creating new ways to guide progression through your created levels. Keys can be attached to blocks and enemies, or simply left hidden in the environment. They can also be hidden as a reward for collecting the new Pink Coins, so there are plenty of devious ways to tailor your level to your preferred design. Additionally, Skewers will be making their appearance for the first time in this update.

A new feature lies hidden behind the 100-Mario Challenge: the Super Expert Mode. This unlockable difficulty setting provides a more challenging experience, while giving access to a range of new rewards. A total of 12 new Mystery Mushroom costumes can be unlocked, with Tetra of Wind Waker fame included. Level creators are also given the ability to see where players failed their levels, and where comments were left without playing through the level manually.

Finally, some minor adjustments have been made for the Super Mario Maker Bookmarks web page. First and foremost is the ability to sort rankings by the number of World Records to the player’s name. It’s a handy way to keep track of the top Mario players, and with the ability to instantly bookmark all of their favorite levels, it encourages competition for that top spot.

The Super Mario Maker Key Update will be made available for download on March 9, completely free of charge.