Super Mario Maker Receives a Release Patch


The famed Super Mario Maker has finally made its way to gamers in the world, and on its first day, Nintendo has issued a new patch that addresses quality of life issues. The patch comes in at 201 MB, so save some time to download it! The patch is supposed to address some issues in performance, and adding conditions to increase the number of usable parts in the level editor.

According to Ars Technica, the mechanics involved in unlocking new content are locked at intervals that range from fifteen minutes to two hours, where the pace is controlled by the number and the type of items placed. Thankfully, instead of taking pages off a calendar, the goods can be unlocked in a few hours. Getting earlier access to content makes for a much better reception for online level creation in the later stages.

Overall, the changes are mostly under-the-hood and are built to improve the overall experience. I’m personally looking forward to playing the game, and it will eventually become a very welcome game on my Wii U’s bookshelf. Fans playing the game – what are your thoughts on the game thus far, and could this be the edge Nintendo needs to combat a dry year?

Source: NeoGAF Discussion