Super Mario Party Revealed for Nintendo Switch


Nintendo unveiled Super Mario Party at their E3 2018 Nintendo Direct. With a heavy emphasis on playing with friends, Nintendo have implemented a real-world element to the series like never before. In the trailer, we see a group of friends putting two Switch screens together on a table to create a “game board” during a tank combat minigame.

Interestingly enough, Nintendo have dropped the numbered formula for Mario Party, instead opting for a new title in Super Mario Party. Games in the franchise have been stagnant over the last few releases, but this looks to be something better and different.

Nintendo are still leaning into the communal aspect of the Switch that they demonstrated in the console’s reveal. Super Mario Party demonstrates that the portability and evolving capabilities of the Switch are perfect for its party board game-esque nature.

Super Mario Party is set for an October 5th release exclusively on Nintendo Switch.