Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Becomes Amazon’s Best Seller


Even though the game was only released a few days ago, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has gone on to be Amazon’s top best seller of this annual year. The game received a mass of incredibly positive feedback from critics and reviewers alike, so it may not come as a surprise to fans that the game has already topped the best-selling charts. The success of the game comes from a combination of pre-orders along with the massive release day sales which have seen it soaring past competitors of all genres across various platforms.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is already Amazon’s best seller of the year.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the latest cross-over fighting game in the Smash Bros. series which has been released exclusively on Nintendo platforms. It is currently the fifth installment in the series and seems to have already become the best-seller out of the bunch. The game has received a large amount of fan attention due to the various Nintendo characters that players have the ability to choose from and fight against. Fans have notably been enjoying the huge cast of characters, the immense number of levels, and the combined elements from previous games in the series.

Back in November 2018, Nintendo reported that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was indeed the most pre-ordered game within the Smash Bros. series and the most pre-ordered game for their hybrid Nintendo Switch console. With such good reviews and such a big line-up of playable characters, it comes as no surprise that the game quickly garnered attention all over the globe. Now that it’s been released, these sales statistics only confirm the demand for the series is ever-growing.

While there haven’t yet been any specific sales figures released for the title, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has undoubtedly smashed the charts in its own respective right. There’s no doubt that Nintendo has made a big profit on the game so far, and that’s only during the time that it’s already been released. With Nintendo players grabbing at the chance to get a copy of the game as soon as possible, it’s not a far-off assumption to expect that the game will have moved an incredibly high number of units when it’s debut week sales numbers are indeed released.

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