Switched to Switch – Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition


Dynasty Warriors is a franchise that not that many people seem to like. It’s very over the top, very mindless, and extremely cheesy. Yet, that is what makes it oh-so glorious. I personally love those games, and seeing more and more of them coming to Switch makes me very happy. We’ve so far been treated to Warriors Orochi 4, two exclusives in form of Fire Emblem Warriors and Hyrule Warriors, and Japan even enjoyed Dragon Quest Heroes I & II. That’s all cool but fans of the series were waiting for the flagship star to finally grace Nintendo’s hybrid system. We all wanted it and good people at Koei Tecmo decided to save us the pain of playing Dynasty Warriors 9 and instead gave us it’s the predecessor. Dynasty Warriors 8 : Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition the best version of the best Dynasty Warriors games. It’s an amazing game, but is it a good fit for the Switch?

First of all this is an excellent port. Koei Tecmo have really done a great job putting this game on a handheld. It runs smoothly with no framerate dips in either handheld or docked mode. Dynasty Warriors 8 also looks graphically appealing, despite some of the textures showing their age. It looks very crisp in handheld mode and is definitely the best way to play this game.

So the game looks and runs well but is it a good fit for the Switch? Short answer … yes! Dynasty Warriors 8 is (in my humble opinion) the best game for quick gameplay sessions on the go; perfect for the Switch. This game doesn’t have much depth, and is all about one thing – mowing down hordes of enemies with crazy weapons. Which is why it’s such a good fit for the Switch. It’s a great game to fire up on the bus, and just play for 15 minutes or so. During which you can complete one or two story missions, try to beat your scores in the challenge mode, or fight to improve your camp in the ambition mode. My favourite is the free mode where I test out all the weapons and characters, while fighting hordes of enemies dressed up in Power Ranger-esque costumes. A perfectly grotesque clash with its ancient Chinese setting.

That being said, Dynasty Warriors 8 is not for everyone. It’s a very passive game, and its story and hack’n’slashy gameplay do not require too much attention. Although this is a great for bus trips, or movie nights with family, longer game session in docked mode can feel bit tedious to some.

Overall Dynasty Warriors 8 : Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition is a great port of a great game, that is a fits on Nintendo’s hybrid system perfectly. However if you looking for something with great story, or with great strategy avoid this game.