Sword Art Online VR Alpha Footage Shown


Hate it or love it, Sword Art Online sells. The series, popular in Japan, has spawned two anime series, with a third in the making and a film that has an entirely new storyline. The original premise revolved around teenager Kirigaya Kazuto being a beta tester in Sword Art Online, a VRMMO that takes place in the floating castle Aincrad.

IBM announced that it would be working on a VRMMO based off of Sword Art Online, called Sword Art Online: The Beginnings, which would feature main protagonists Kirito and Asuna. That concept was demoed to 208 lucky applicants out of a pool of over 100,000. Some alpha footage has been uploaded to Youtube, and it is presented below.

Now, even though it’s only an alpha, the game has incredible potential to be something great, and people are incredibly hyped over this with crazy expectations on what the game should be. While the alpha definitely looks rough and leaves a lot to be desired, it’s a start. We’ll be following this project with interest and let you know of any further updates.