Underwater Exploration Game Abzû is Coming to Nintendo Switch

The ocean is a beautiful and occasionally terrifying place. There have been a fair amount of adventure games that allow gamers to explore the vast blue expanse, but few do it as beautifully as Abzû. For those who have yet to play it, now you have no reason not to because it is coming to theContinue reading “Underwater Exploration Game Abzû is Coming to Nintendo Switch”

Abzu Preview: A Beautiful Undersea Journey

When you think about exploring the ocean, it evokes feelings of tranquility, fluidity, and discovery. Diving into deep water is a feeling like no other, like gliding through a peaceful and surreal world. It is a calming ritual, a brief escape from our chaotic lives on the surface. Abzu has taken these moments and craftedContinue reading “Abzu Preview: A Beautiful Undersea Journey”

PS4 Titles Shown Before Sony Showcase E3 2016

Before Sony’s press conference at E3 2016 we caught a glimpse at a few games that didn’t get mentioned during the show. These non triple A titles look amazingly innovative and unique. Focusing more on the experience of playing the game rather than AAA action, each title shows a loving touch from developers. Let’s lookContinue reading “PS4 Titles Shown Before Sony Showcase E3 2016”

The Depths Of Abzu

GameInformer recently had some hands on time with a new title from 505 Games. Abzu is a third person exploration game where the player is a deep sea diver. There are many merits to this game, the first of which is immediately apparent. The vibrant artwork, from recently formed Giant Squid development team, not onlyContinue reading “The Depths Of Abzu”