Nintendo Direct 09/16 Abridged

Above is the latest batch of announcements from Nintendo in their video presentation, this time centering around the 3DS, 3DS XL, and *New* 3DS. Below is a highlights reel of what’s coming Nintendo’s line of handheld consoles over the rest of the year. Snorlax gets Heavy in Pokemon Sun and Moon For those who purchaseContinue reading “Nintendo Direct 09/16 Abridged”

Release Date for Ace Attorney 6 Revealed

Capcom recently announced that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, the sixth entry in the Ace Attorney franchise, will be released on September 8. It will be exclusive to the Nintendo eShop for 3DS, and a demo will be released two weeks before the full game, on August 25. They also released a trailer for the game thatContinue reading “Release Date for Ace Attorney 6 Revealed”

The Downward Ace Attorney Spiral

First of all, I would like to firmly establish with my readers that I am a huge fan of Ace Attorney as a franchise. The game was one of those titles that I found in a bargain bin back in 2008 with the Nintendo DS, when Trials and Tribulations had just come out. I remember beingContinue reading “The Downward Ace Attorney Spiral”

Ace Attorney 6 Confirmed

The Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has confirmed that Ace Attorney 6 for the Nintendo 3DS is currently in development and will be localized in the West. The game will take place in a country outside of Japan where the residents believe in mysterious spirits of the dead. The trials will contain a new “Water Mirror” mechanic, where the WaterContinue reading “Ace Attorney 6 Confirmed”