The Politics of Esports and Blizzard’s Blitzchung Debacle

There tends to be very little politics involved in video game culture, but after Blizzard harshly punished an esports player for supporting Hong Kong protestors, it shook the entire gaming industry to its core.  Ng Wai Chung, a competitive Hearthstone player from Hong Kong, who goes by the name “Blitzchung,” called for the liberation ofContinue reading “The Politics of Esports and Blizzard’s Blitzchung Debacle”

Original DIABLO has finally been resurrected… by GOG

Diablo is finally available… on GOG! Yes, the kings of old games collaborated with Blizzard to bring the classic back from the dead! Diablo is a franchise that created the action RPG genre and helped shape Blizzard into the giant they are today. By taking a classic RPG and striping it from, what at theContinue reading “Original DIABLO has finally been resurrected… by GOG”

November 2018 Upcoming Games Will Empty Your Wallet

With October coming to a close and our wallets well and truly drained, we could use a break to recharge and prepare for the new onslaught of games. November’s upcoming games suggest otherwise with some incredible titles releasing this month. Ready your wallets for another round of video game purchases. Welcome to No-Money-November! Diablo III:Continue reading “November 2018 Upcoming Games Will Empty Your Wallet”

Black Ops 4 – My First Five Hours

Call of Fatigue I picked up Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 last week, the first Call of Duty game I have bought since 2013’s Ghosts. The aforementioned Ghosts really put me off the series and in my mind the franchise was slowly falling into decline, after the incredible first two Black Ops titles and theContinue reading “Black Ops 4 – My First Five Hours”

Micro-Transactions and Loot Boxes: The New Frontier of Digital Gambling?

As anyone with a grasp of general developments in games will know, the use of micro-transactions and other forms of ‘pay for loot’ systems has long drawn ire and served as a particular highlight of what many see as the key issue with profit-driven game development. The chance to pay money for extra in-game featuresContinue reading “Micro-Transactions and Loot Boxes: The New Frontier of Digital Gambling?”

The Business Problem with AAA Publishers

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of the mainstream gaming market will be aware of the complaints that have been circulating over the last couple of years. The seemingly constant focus on pre-ordering, franchise milking, and the shoe-horning of DLC at the expense of actual creativity has many pining for the ‘old days’ where aContinue reading “The Business Problem with AAA Publishers”

Overwatch’s Lore Problem

I have got a real problem with Overwatch. Do not get me wrong, I love the gameplay. Matches go on a little longer than I would like but the game features the stunningly fast and smooth mechanics I have come to prefer in my first-person shooters. So even in the face of having a problem withContinue reading “Overwatch’s Lore Problem”

Grue Games Acquired By Seismic Games

Seismic Games have announced today that it has acquired Grue Games in a partnership that brings together a creative, technical and development talent. Grue’s CEO and former Studio Head of Beachhead (Activision Blizzard), John Linden, will take on the new role of President and Trey Watkins, Grue’s Chief Creative Officer, leading the former Grue developmentContinue reading “Grue Games Acquired By Seismic Games”

A Lot of People Are Playing Overwatch

Activision-Blizzard’s second quarterly earnings were released this week with a few nuggets of information on popular franchises under the Activision-Blizzard banner. Predictably, the enormous launch of Overwatch was a main focus of their second quarter earnings call and Q&A. So what have people been playing? Lets go over the numbers a little. Robert A. Kotick, President/CEOContinue reading “A Lot of People Are Playing Overwatch”

Blizzard Issues DMCA Notice for Overwatch Porn

It seemed only a matter of time, but many Overwatch fans’ worst nightmare has come to pass: Blizzard has begun the process of attempting to censor Overwatch pornography. Since the game’s closed beta in late 2015, Overwatch’s cast has taken the pornography scene by storm. 2D drawings of characters like Tracer, Widowmaker, and D.Va beganContinue reading “Blizzard Issues DMCA Notice for Overwatch Porn”

Activision Blizzard Buys Major League Gaming

Activision Blizzard has recently been expanding their work outside of the video game market and into the world of television and live streaming. Their most recent endeavor has been buying Major League Gaming for $46 million dollars. Activision Blizzard’s CEO, Bobby Kotick, said that they plan to become ‘the ESPN of eSports’ in a statement. ThisContinue reading “Activision Blizzard Buys Major League Gaming”