Battle Chef Brigade Review (PC)

Battle Chef Brigade is a game where you can kill a dragon with a magic kitchen knife, take its heart, cook it into a meal, and serve it to a judge. If that doesn’t immediately sell you on this game, I don’t know what will. Battle Chef Brigade was developed by Trinket Studios and published byContinue reading “Battle Chef Brigade Review (PC)”

DESYNC Review (PC)

DESYNC is an arcade style arena shooter from FORGONE. In this game you get to shoot through wave after wave of enemies, but it isn’t that simple. DESYNC also has a scoring system which encourages you to do special combos, hit enemies into traps, and dodge precisely. To add encouragement and replay value there areContinue reading “DESYNC Review (PC)”

Headlander Review (PS4)

Double Fine Productions and Adult Swim released Headlander, a Metroidvania-style game, on July 26 for PC and PS4. Double Fine Productions developed Headlander with Lee Petty overseeing the project, while Adult Swim published this title. This comedic game brings the player to a futuristic world, one in which humanity opted to upload their consciousness into aContinue reading “Headlander Review (PS4)”