Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay Trailer

The sequel to Red Orchestra 2’s Rising Storm expansion is on its way. We haven’t seen many videos of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam since its debut at E3, but today a new trailer has been released. The trailer displays in-game alpha footage that displays the gun mechanics, graphical fidelity, and level of animations in the game. It’s aContinue reading “Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Gameplay Trailer”

Impressions: NeuroVoider

NeuroVoider is a twin-stick shooter/roguelike game currently in development at Flying Oak Games. Although currently short on plot, it charges the player and up to three friends with customizing and upgrading a unique robot and destroying waves upon waves of enemy robots. NeuroVoider is still well within the alpha period, and as such is missingContinue reading “Impressions: NeuroVoider”

Star Wars Battlefront Leaked Alpha Footage Impresses

Electronic Arts has been really tight lipped when it comes to Star Wars Battlefront. User Jack McNeill has shown that he is indeed one with the Force by posting gameplay footage of the new Alpha on YouTube. No company is happy when it comes to leaks, surely not a company as large as EA, but this gives the general publicContinue reading “Star Wars Battlefront Leaked Alpha Footage Impresses”