Every Major Announcement From the February Nintendo Direct

Nintendo’s long-anticipated February direct was streamed yesterday, and with it, a slew of brand new announcements. As mentioned before the direct, the presentation put a spotlight on Fire Emblem Three Houses. We got an extended look at story details, combat, and several new game mechanics.  In the game, you play as a mercenary who is offeredContinue reading “Every Major Announcement From the February Nintendo Direct”

Nintendo Plans to have All Major IP on NX ASAP

Nintendo doesn’t plan on seeing the NX go the way of the Wii U, with reports from MCV stating that all three of Nintendo’s major IP will launch within six months of the NX’s March release. Meaning that in addition to the confirmed NX launch of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario and PokémonContinue reading “Nintendo Plans to have All Major IP on NX ASAP”

New ‘Nintendo Selects’ Titles Announced for North America

Starting on March 11th, Nintendo will be cutting the price on a handful of great Wii, Wii U, and 3DS titles. According to Nintendo, the popular titles will now be marketed as “Nintendo Selects” and priced at a very reasonable price of $19.99. This is a great opportunity to play some games you might haveContinue reading “New ‘Nintendo Selects’ Titles Announced for North America”

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Review (Wii U)

With a title that says, “amiibo Festival,” you would think Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival would showcase the full range of possibilities Nintendo has in mind for the series. After spending well over 15 hours with the game, I can say that I certainly hope that is not the case. While the game does do some interestingContinue reading “Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Review (Wii U)”

GamerPros Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Contest Winners

Well, GamerPros’ Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer contest is at an end. We’re a young site, and while there was some concern we wouldn’t have any participation without bribing anyone, we did manage to get some entries. Thanks guys! Oh, and now that the contest is over, we’ve got a secret to reveal: we have bribes prizes!

GamerPros’ Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Contest

I warned you this would happen, but hopefully you’re prepared! GamerPros is hosting a small Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer contest. While most people are just playing to please the animals, others have realized that the ease with which animals accept your designs leaves players an opportunity to design homes in unconventional manners, if they chooseContinue reading “GamerPros’ Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Contest”

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Review

It may seem like I’m a little late to the party, but having played the game since the Japanese release with probably close to 100 hours under my belt, experience with the amiibo cards, and a critical eye towards the game’s biggest cash sink, you may want to consider this a slightly more informed review comparedContinue reading “Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Review”