Sneak Peek At Vault Tec Workshop Tomorrow

Are you ready to finally build your own vault in Fallout 4? How about experimenting on it’s inhabitants? With less than 20 days left in the month, Bethesda has announced an exclusive sneak peek at Fallout 4’s next DLC, Vault Tec Workshop, which is due to release later this month. The exact release date hasn’tContinue reading “Sneak Peek At Vault Tec Workshop Tomorrow”

Fallout Shelter Comes To PC This Week

Fallout Shelter is a very popular and successful mobile game. This free game is a huge hit with some 50 million downloads to date. Released after Bethesda’s 2015 E3 showcase, Fallout Shelter hit the top of the charts right off the bat. This base building game uses microtransactions to help players get rare loot, howeverContinue reading “Fallout Shelter Comes To PC This Week”

Unreal Dev Grants From Epic Games

Epic Games announced a new round of Unreal Dev Grants today July 4, 2016. Totaling at $80,000 these grants will support six new outstanding Unreal Engine 4 projects and initiatives. Launched in February of 2015, the Unreal Dev Grants is a $5 million fund created as a no-strings-attached financial aid for developer assistance. Today EpicContinue reading “Unreal Dev Grants From Epic Games”

Valve Limits CSGO Sales During Steam Summer Sale

During the Steam Summer Sale this year users will find Counter Strike Global Offensive at a great deal. However Steam has made an important decision this time, users will not be able to purchase CSGO as a gift during the sale. To further the abnormalities, Valve’s Ido Magal cleared the air on reddit by explainingContinue reading “Valve Limits CSGO Sales During Steam Summer Sale”

PS4 Titles Shown Before Sony Showcase E3 2016

Before Sony’s press conference at E3 2016 we caught a glimpse at a few games that didn’t get mentioned during the show. These non triple A titles look amazingly innovative and unique. Focusing more on the experience of playing the game rather than AAA action, each title shows a loving touch from developers. Let’s lookContinue reading “PS4 Titles Shown Before Sony Showcase E3 2016”

Infinite Warfare And MW Remastered At E3

I speak for a lot of people when I say Sony took my breath away with this demonstration. Showing both Infinite Warfare and MW Remastered back to back was astonishing. Where to start. First this video of Infinate Warfare is both action packed and greatly stunning. Showing space combat has never been done like this.Continue reading “Infinite Warfare And MW Remastered At E3”

Horizon Zero Dawn New Trailer At E3

This year at E3 Sony showcased Horizon Zero Dawn, among other vastly anticipated games. From previous videos and updates we know this game looks like Far Cry Primal meets Ark, in a world well after nature had retaken the world. We follow an outcast searching for her origin. The wilderness is rendered beautifully as weContinue reading “Horizon Zero Dawn New Trailer At E3”

Scalebound Announced At E3

During Microsoft’s E3 presentation they unveiled a new game by Platinum coming in 2017 on XBox One and Windows 10 exclusively. A third-person action game, Scalebound, features giant monsters, dragon-riding and team-based strategy. In the featured gameplay footage a group of players were taking down a huge monster, using their dragons and fantasy-like weaponry. TheyContinue reading “Scalebound Announced At E3”

Major Updates for EA’s Star Wars Games Revealed At E3

Today during their EA Play press conference at E3, EA revealed their plans to provide large amounts of new content for their Star Wars games. They presented three trailers, one for each game: Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and Star Wars: The Old Republic. The new content will be distributed throughout theContinue reading “Major Updates for EA’s Star Wars Games Revealed At E3”

EA Revealed Titanfall 2 During Conference At E3

During EA’s press conference at E3, the studio revealed Titanfall 2. It will succeed Titanfall, a popular shooter made by former Infinity Ward members that set the tone for conventional FPS games of its generation. Fans have been patiently awaiting this sequel, hoping that EA improves on the chaotic, fast paced action of the first game. In theContinue reading “EA Revealed Titanfall 2 During Conference At E3”

The Depths Of Abzu

GameInformer recently had some hands on time with a new title from 505 Games. Abzu is a third person exploration game where the player is a deep sea diver. There are many merits to this game, the first of which is immediately apparent. The vibrant artwork, from recently formed Giant Squid development team, not onlyContinue reading “The Depths Of Abzu”

Sony Finally Confirms PS4 Neo

Sony has finally confirmed the development of an upgraded PS4. Many gaming communities have speculated about this console. Names have included PS4.5, PS4K and PS4 Neo but none of the details have been confirmed. Until now. This new system, code named Neo, will feature improved graphics and includes support for 4K resolution. No release dateContinue reading “Sony Finally Confirms PS4 Neo”