Mewtwo Appears in Pokken Tournament

The Pokémon-themed arcade fighting game Pokken Tournament recently received an update mostly containing patches and balances, but there was some secret content buried deeply in the release. Players quickly found a boss encounter within the single-player component of the game: a unique form of popular series legendary Mewtwo. This is the first boss encounter discoveredContinue reading “Mewtwo Appears in Pokken Tournament”

Xenoblade and Fire Emblem Characters to Appear in Project X Zone 2

Project X Zone 2, the sequel to 2012’s Project X Zone, a Bandai Namco, CAPCOM, and SEGA mashup strategy RPG being released for the 3DS early next year, received some new playable characters today. At the Tokyo Game Show, Bandai Namco announced that Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles and Lucina and Chrom from Fire Emblem will be appearing inContinue reading “Xenoblade and Fire Emblem Characters to Appear in Project X Zone 2”

Nintendo Should Bring Back The Xenosaga Franchise

Xenoblade Chronicles, which was the spiritual successor to the Xenosaga series, was a critical success and even managed to be released in North America in part because of a fan campaign, Operation Rainfall. While it was its own game, the similarities to the themes and characters in Xenoblade are startling in comparison to Xenosaga. The Monado takes the placeContinue reading “Nintendo Should Bring Back The Xenosaga Franchise”