Warner Bros. Offering Arkham Knight Refunds Till End of Year

Arkham Knight, it really isn’t your time to shine, is it? With many gamers still dissatisfied by the performance of¬†Arkham Knight¬†for the PC, Warner Bros. has stepped in, announcing that players would be able to opt for a refund of the title through the end of 2015. This refund also includes the Season Pass, butContinue reading “Warner Bros. Offering Arkham Knight Refunds Till End of Year”

Arkham Knight Returns to Steam Store

The PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight has made its return to the Steam storefront after a lengthy hiatus. Major launch issues caused publisher Warner Bros Interactive to pull the game from shelves back in June, shortly after release. Free copies of prior games in the Arkham franchise will be available for download to anybodyContinue reading “Arkham Knight Returns to Steam Store”

Interim Patch Online for Batman: Arkham Knight

For those among you eagerly awaiting a patch for the much-maligned PC release of Batman: Arkham Knight, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has some good news today. An interim patch has been released and is readily available for download through Steam, addressing many of the issues that plagued the release. The patch notes, available for yourContinue reading “Interim Patch Online for Batman: Arkham Knight”