Blizzard Plans to Seriously Pursue Mobile Gaming

During the on-going flurry of controversy surrounding Diablo Immortal, Blizzard Entertainment continues to ensure fans that Diablo Immortal is going to be an exciting, fully-fledged adventure. The negative reception to Diablo Immortal has not curbed Blizzard’s enthusiasm, however, as Blizzard gears toward pursuing mobile gaming into the future. Diablo Immortal it seems is only the beginning. ThisContinue reading “Blizzard Plans to Seriously Pursue Mobile Gaming”

Diablo Immortal: Fans Loudly Deny Blizzard’s New Mobile Venture!

Blizz-con is done and dusted, the announcements are all wrapped up and the smoke has cleared. However, the fires are still burning and not in a particularly good way. Yes, we got the cool announcement of Warcraft 3: Reforged but the fire that rages, its in the eyes of furious Blizzard fans after discovering that the longContinue reading “Diablo Immortal: Fans Loudly Deny Blizzard’s New Mobile Venture!”

November 2018 Upcoming Games Will Empty Your Wallet

With October coming to a close and our wallets well and truly drained, we could use a break to recharge and prepare for the new onslaught of games. November’s upcoming games suggest otherwise with some incredible titles releasing this month. Ready your wallets for another round of video game purchases. Welcome to No-Money-November! Diablo III:Continue reading “November 2018 Upcoming Games Will Empty Your Wallet”

Blizzard Reveals More Overwatch Story Content is On the Way

When new Overwatch character Orisa was released onto the public test realm, they did so without an accompanying comic or short film. This caused many fans to believe Blizzard was moving away from fleshing out the game’s characters and stories through lore-based peripherals. The lack of added material was especially concerning since Overwatch‘s previously addedContinue reading “Blizzard Reveals More Overwatch Story Content is On the Way”

Overwatch’s Lore Problem

I have got a real problem with Overwatch. Do not get me wrong, I love the gameplay. Matches go on a little longer than I would like but the game features the stunningly fast and smooth mechanics I have come to prefer in my first-person shooters. So even in the face of having a problem withContinue reading “Overwatch’s Lore Problem”

Overwatch MGA 2016 Championship Finals Starts Today

Starting today, December 7 and tomorrow, Thursday December 8, the Gfinity Arena in Fulham hosts the LIVE FINALS in the $75,000 MGA (Masters Gaming Arena) Overwatch 2016 Championship. The newest competitive first-person-shooter from Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch is a team-based shooter set on a near-future Earth, where teams of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities clash for controlContinue reading “Overwatch MGA 2016 Championship Finals Starts Today”

The Overwatch League: A Tournament Frenzy?

Much like the popular first-person shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Overwatch’s success has motivated its creators to invest and explore the opportunities presented by the ever-growing world of eSports. At the most recent Blizzcon, Blizzard announced the creation of the ‘Overwatch League’. This ‘Overwatch League’ seeks to create a clear pipeline to becoming aContinue reading “The Overwatch League: A Tournament Frenzy?”

Overwatch Post-Launch Review (PC)

The launch of Overwatch (May 24, 2016) marks another successful entry into the pantheon of Blizzard Entertainment video games. Releasing on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4, Overwatch brings new life to the shooter genre. With one of the largest advertising campaigns featured on social media, it’s become fairly difficult to avoid the game. WithContinue reading “Overwatch Post-Launch Review (PC)”

Expansion for Hearthstone Fills the Decks on April 26

Good news for all those that play Blizzard’s online card game, Hearthstone! The release date for Hearthstone’s expansion has been announced and will be available in all American regions April 26. Release dates for Europe and Asia are scheduled to occur a day later, on the 27th. Filled with all sorts of creepy crawler corruptions, WhispersContinue reading “Expansion for Hearthstone Fills the Decks on April 26”

Diablo III Honors Late Artist with Secret Level

I’ve always thought that Blizzard Entertainment had some of the coolest company culture. It’s true, just over a month ago I was touring their Irvine headquarters and got my fair share of observation on their company life. Players discovered earlier this week the presence of a secret level in the 2.4.0 patch that released notContinue reading “Diablo III Honors Late Artist with Secret Level”