Another Diablo Game Is on Its Way, but Its for Mobile Devices

During Blizzcon 2018, a new addition to the legendary Diablo franchise was announced. However, this new game in the is coming to…mobile devices. Titled Diablo Immortal it will take place between the second and third game. Unlike previous titles, this will be an MMORPG in addition to its hack and slash gameplay. Blizzard seems to be capitalizing on the popularityContinue reading “Another Diablo Game Is on Its Way, but Its for Mobile Devices”

Blizzard unveils next Overwatch hero at Blizzcon 2018

Blizzard has shown off a short trailer of the next hero to come to their wildly popular hero shooter, Overwatch. Hero number 29 on the ever-growing Overwatch roster is Ashe, the female gunslinger akin to cowboy hero McCree. We do not have a lot of information on her lore but we do know that sheContinue reading “Blizzard unveils next Overwatch hero at Blizzcon 2018”

Sombra Officially Announced

At Blizzcon, Overwatch finally announced their newest hero, Sombra. After multiple leaks and rumors, Blizzard decided it was time to make her official and add her to the ever-growing roster of heroes available in the fast-paced multiplayer shooter. Sombra is given a brief character description on the Overwatch website. She is described as, “A notorious hacker, on the hunt for secrets-andContinue reading “Sombra Officially Announced”

Finally Some Official Sombra News for Overwatch

Overwatch has been stringing along fans with a long-running ARG (Alternate Reality Game) revolving around one mysterious and elusive character, Sombra. But it seems that the cat is out of the bag, as a new image as surfaced that is apparently leaked artwork directly from Blizzard. The original post was on the Overwatch Reddit thread, but has sinceContinue reading “Finally Some Official Sombra News for Overwatch”

BlizzCon: World of Warcraft Legion Expansion Details Announced

At the currently ongoing BlizzCon event in Anaheim, the Blizzard team is just hurling slews of information at its fans with its decorated roster of titles. World of Warcraft’s new expansion has received its first major details from its content panels. A new trailer was revealed, and a release date was given: Summer 2016. This expansion, announcedContinue reading “BlizzCon: World of Warcraft Legion Expansion Details Announced”

BlizzCon: Hearthstone’s League of Explorers Expansion Announced

Popular trading card game Hearthstone just received a ton of news with an update as to the direction the game intends to head, with news of an upcoming expansion, titled League of Explorers, following the exploration of Naxxramas and the Grand Tournament. BlizzCon 2015 is currently ongoing at the Anaheim Convention Center and as usual, it comesContinue reading “BlizzCon: Hearthstone’s League of Explorers Expansion Announced”