Stardew Valley Review (Switch)

Thanks to a surprise announcement earlier in the month, one of Steam’s biggest hits from 2016 has made its way to the Nintendo Switch. Stardew Valley, part farming simulator, part relationship management game, immediately won over players by rescuing our avatar from his dead-end job and planting him into a small town full of wonderfullyContinue reading “Stardew Valley Review (Switch)”

Stardew Valley Switch Release Date, Icon, and File Size Revealed

Stardew Valley, easily one of the most outstanding games from last year, made its debut in February 2016 to gamers eager to emulate a simpler life. The game brought together the joys of farming and relationship building seen in game series like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, and added extra layers of complexity by includingContinue reading “Stardew Valley Switch Release Date, Icon, and File Size Revealed”

Starbound First Impressions

Starbound is one of those games that has been in Steam’s Early Access for ages, but also received a lot of attention when it came out, thanks to the lead developer’s work on Terraria. The game is not shy about its similarities, and in fact expresses them freely. The game is now out of Early Access, so I decided toContinue reading “Starbound First Impressions”

Stardew Valley News: Multiplayer and Console Ports

The popular indie game, Stardew Valley, was made by one man known as Eric Barone and has now sold over one million copies of his farming/life simulator. Now, in recent Stardew Valley news, Barone has announced multiplayer and console ports along with more content for the game. Barone plans to continue to work by himselfContinue reading “Stardew Valley News: Multiplayer and Console Ports”

Starbound To Be Released From Early Acess

Chucklefish, the creators of the indie game Starbound, have announced they are preparing to update the game to version 1.0. This will bring an end to the lengthy early access it has experienced on Steam. In the blog post, the developer’s reassured players there will be continued updates for the game in the future, andContinue reading “Starbound To Be Released From Early Acess”