A Hat in Time for the Nintendo Switch Finally Gets a Release Date

A Hat in Time, the adorable 3D platformer, which initially released back in 2017, has finally gotten a confirmed release date for the upcoming Nintendo Switch version.¬† The Switch version was originally announced back in 2018, and now has a confirmed release date of October 18th, 2019. The developer, Gears for Breakfast, created A HatContinue reading “A Hat in Time for the Nintendo Switch Finally Gets a Release Date”

Rainbow Six Siege — Most Recent Updates

Rainbow Six Siege¬†flew under the radar of most gamers due to the controversy surrounding it. I assure you though that the game is very much alive and kicking. It even recently received its first major free DLC. Black Ice is a “free” DLC that released two Canadian operators known as Buck and Frost to theContinue reading “Rainbow Six Siege — Most Recent Updates”

The Division — Most Disappointing Changes

When I first heard of The Division I was so excited for it I couldn’t contain myself. The same could be said of a few other Ubisoft games, but those didn’t turn out so well. I think we are hitting a similar situation with The Division so today I wanted to talk about everything thatContinue reading “The Division — Most Disappointing Changes”