Black Ops 4 – My First Five Hours

Call of Fatigue I picked up Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 last week, the first Call of Duty game I have bought since 2013’s Ghosts. The aforementioned Ghosts really put me off the series and in my mind the franchise was slowly falling into decline, after the incredible first two Black Ops titles and theContinue reading “Black Ops 4 – My First Five Hours”

Ana’s a Blast; Competitive Overwatch Still Irritating

One of the most impressive things about Overwatch is how Blizzard has handled support play. Gliding around the battlefield as Mercy is anything but boring, especially when you pull off a massive resurrection and turn the tide of battle. Luring your less-than-observant opponents into a turret infested trap room as Symmetra never gets old either.Continue reading “Ana’s a Blast; Competitive Overwatch Still Irritating”

Competitive Gaming Breeds Toxicity

Yesterday, June 28 2016, Blizzard launched a competitive game mode for Overwatch. This has many gamers itching to show others how skilled they are, but others fear they will lose the lighthearted gameplay they love. The competitive game scene has been growing fast lately and many new titles seemingly aim for this kind of gaming. Through manyContinue reading “Competitive Gaming Breeds Toxicity”