We Happy Few Is Just ‘Okay’, and That’s Perfect

  We live in a time where we are spoiled by fantastic games being released so frequently. Earlier this year we were treated to God of War, recently Octopath Traveler (a personal favorite of mine this year) found a comfortable home on the Switch, and we go into the holiday season with two goliaths: Spider-ManContinue reading “We Happy Few Is Just ‘Okay’, and That’s Perfect”

Story Trailer for We Happy Few Shows the Early Days of Joy

Microsoft unveiled their new story trailer for We Happy Few at their E3 press conference this year. This trailer appears to focus on the beginning of the Joy craze, a drug that forces all citizens to be ‘happy’. This trailer comes right on the heels of the announcement that developer Compulsion Games will be joining MicrosoftContinue reading “Story Trailer for We Happy Few Shows the Early Days of Joy”

We Happy Few Release Date Announced

Compulsion Games announced today that they have a concrete release date for their upcoming game We Happy Few. The game is planned for release on April 13th, 2018. While the game was originally announced in early 2015, and initially planed for a summer 2016 release, the game has taken some extra time to expand itsContinue reading “We Happy Few Release Date Announced”

We Happy Few Still Has a Long Way to Go

We Happy Few has been on the map for over a year now, though it did not start to receive its massive amount of hype until its E3 2016 trailer. There we saw a man existing in a Brave New World-esque “utopia” where high society live their lives under the constant influence of a drugContinue reading “We Happy Few Still Has a Long Way to Go”

We Happy Few is Charming, Demented, and Terrifying

Compulsion Games’s We Happy Few is a bone-chilling and bizarre experience with a zany concept. Set in an alternate-history retrofuturistic 1960’s England, the first-person survival roguelike is filled with atmosphere and personality. Right off the bat, the aesthetic feels like it is influenced by BioShock, which is also set during an alternate historical period. Compulsion alsoContinue reading “We Happy Few is Charming, Demented, and Terrifying”