Crackdown 3 Review (Xbox One)

  Crackdown 3 brings the hectic gunfights, orb chasing goodness, and neon punk metropolis setting that made the original game a must-own title back on the Xbox 360 to today’s gaming systems. The latest iteration feels very similar to this first entry, for good and for bad. Where it lacks in innovation it makes upContinue reading “Crackdown 3 Review (Xbox One)”

Crackdown 3 Released February 2019

Another release date has been given for Crackdown 3 following numerous delays, accompanied by a new trailer showing off the chaos we’ve come to expect from the series. It also shows some new vehicle and weapon types. Check out the above trailer to see the game (and, equally importantly, Terry Crews,) in action. The gameContinue reading “Crackdown 3 Released February 2019”

Microsoft Reveal Crackdown 3 at E3 Press Conference

At Microsoft’s E3 press conference, they showcased a new game for the Xbox One X. Crackdown 3 looks to be an explosive affair, bringing bigger guns, bigger explosions, and bigger gameplay to one of Microsoft’s bigger franchises. What did you think of this reveal? Is Crackdown 3 enough to get you excited for Xbox consolesContinue reading “Microsoft Reveal Crackdown 3 at E3 Press Conference”

Xbox One and Windows 10 Games for 2016, Review of 2015

Although one Xbox One exclusive has been pushed back until at least 2017, Mike Nicholas, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Of Marketing, posted a slew of announcements on Xbox Wire. Mr. Nicholas announced a variety of statistics in regards to Xbox One’s performance during 2015. Though there are too many to list, two in particular stoodContinue reading “Xbox One and Windows 10 Games for 2016, Review of 2015”