Hunt: Showdown Review (Early Access – PC)

  Hunt: Showdown is an early access first-person shooter with Battle Royale style gameplay whose mastery of tension, theming, and tactical components has birthed a game where every match is as exhilarating as the next. Hunt sees you playing as a bounty hunter in the Louisiana swamps, sent to hunt down and collect bounties thatContinue reading “Hunt: Showdown Review (Early Access – PC)”

A Gamer’s Look into Game Art Design

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, new video game hardware has continued to launch gaming into the far-fledged future, generation after generation, and as consumers of video games we commonly gush over titles with photo-realistic visuals and high-fidelity. This two traits are commonly acknowledged as the pinnacle of graphical power. Let’s take a lookContinue reading “A Gamer’s Look into Game Art Design”

Warface Gets New Publisher for NA and EU

Developer Crytek have¬†announced that the first-person shooter Warface will be published by in North America and Europe beginning in February 2017., a global game publisher with a portfolio of high profile online games such as Revelation Online, Armored Warfare, and Skyforge¬†will take over publishing and operations while Crytek will focus on the developmentContinue reading “Warface Gets New Publisher for NA and EU”